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Tanning Beds


Sun Kiss tanning beds featuring Wolff Systems


Come see our tanning bed display in our Nashville, Cookeville or Bowling Green stores. We carry both Solar Wave and Sun Kiss tanning beds with 16, 24, and 32 lamps. All are available to run on 110 volts. That means you can take the bed home with you and plug it directly into a regular household outlet, no need for electricians or special wiring.

With the Sun Kiss brand offering patented features such as Power Windows, Pool and Spa Depot brings you the best of tanning technologies.

What do Power Windows have to do with tanning beds?

Our faces and necks receive more sunshine than any other parts of our bodies during our regular outdoor activities, so our skin builds resistance to the tanning rays in these areas. The Power Window tanning lamps from Wolff Systems deliver the solution to this.

Tanning Bed Sun Kiss tanning beds allow increased tanning power through a specially designed window in the lamps installed in the canopy of your bed. This ensures you get the best all-around tan.

Our tanning beds also have a 30% larger tanning surface area than many residential beds on the market. This means less tan lines, sun spots and pressure points.

Talk with one of our sales representatives to learn about more of these exciting features before you purchase your tanning bed.