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Health & Healing


For centuries, people have relied on the healing power of heat and water, making pilgrimages to special retreats in far-flung areas. Fortunately, in this modern age we're able to combine the best of technology with traditional practices and bring the benefits into the comfort of your own home.


The medical benefits of heat and water are plentiful and a spa, sauna, pool or underwater gym could help improve your health in ways most people would never anticipate.



Hot Water and Healing


According to "Hot Water and Healthy Living: The Science of Hot-Water Immersion: How it Promotes Healthy Bodies, Hearts, Minds and Lifestyles", a report by J. B. Smith, Ed.D., water immersion helps in the healing of muscles, joints, and our emotional well-being. Key points of the report include:


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Health Through Heat


The Sauna has long been a retreat for people in cold climates, but heat does more than warm the skin. Studies show that regular saunas combined with exercise therapy can efficiently clear organic chemicals, solvents, drugs, pharmaceuticals even PCBs and heavy metals from the body.


Using a sauna regularly has been proven to improve blood flow and reduce hypertension (high blood pressure). In addition, a sauna followed by a cold shower has been shown to reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis.1


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